Graphene ❤️ Contributors

Since I started working on Graphene, Graphene-Django and Graphene-SQLAlchemy the support from the community has been amazing.

As time passes, it’s been increasingly hard for me to focus enough time on each of these projects.

For the last few weeks I’ve been quite occupied trying to optimize the GraphQL engine in Python (news to come soon!), GraphQL subscriptions and the latest version of Graphene: 2.0. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep the same pace in all the graphene sub-projects: Graphene-Django, Graphene-SQLAlchemy and Graphene-GAE.

Because of that I decided that it is time to start to delegating people that can spend the time required to make each of these projects shine.

While I will still be active on all these projects, all contributors are going to ensure that each of the projects evolve in the right direction and at a good pace.

New Graphene-Django contributor: Jacob Foster

I’m pleased to welcome Jacob Foster into the Graphene-Django community as an official contributor.

He will start making sure that every issue and PR gets reviewed on time and future work is organized with Github Projects.

You can find him on Github as @spockNinja.

Want to contribute?

In projects like Graphene-SQLAlchemy we don’t have any official contributors (…yet!). Would you like to be one? Contact me!

PS: Also more people to help on Graphene, Graphene-Django and Graphene-SQLAlchemy will be always welcome

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