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GraphQL in Python Made Easy

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PS. Your API is a User Interface

Simple yet Powerful

Graphene-Python is a library for building GraphQL APIs in Python easily, its main goal is to provide a simple but extendable API for making developers' lives easier.

But, what is GraphQL? GraphQL is a data query language developed internally by Facebook in 2012 before being publicly released in 2015. It provides an alternative to REST and ad-hoc webservice architectures.

We believe that GraphQL is the next big thing after peanut butter and REST.

import graphene

class Query(graphene.ObjectType):
    hello = graphene.String()
    def resolve_hello(self, info):
        return 'World'

schema = graphene.Schema(query=Query)

  query {
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Extensible Framework

Graphene-Python will work out of the box with your current stack.

For being able to have a fast development process, is essential to reuse as much code as possible.

We offer integrations with different frameworks that will get you up to speed in the blink of an eye.
This integrations include:

Trusted At Scale

Trusted By

Graphene is trusted by thousands of individual developers and companies everyday. Here are just a few of the organizations that choose Graphene to use GraphQL in their stacks.

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